May 6, 2019

This new activity is part of the strategy being led to expand the services that Eight Advisory provides. 

The Capital Markets & Deal Accounting team assists companies with their capital market transactions, external growth deals and disposals and advises them in key areas relating to accounting and financial reporting.

Vincent de Montgolfier: “By putting our expertise and experience to work for our customers, they can rely on our ability to anticipate and handle key issues relating to financial disclosures for acquisitions or disposals, throughout the entire transaction cycle; we can also prepare the accounting and financial reporting documents for such deals. Alongside our innovative, tried-and-tested solutions, our insight into the regulatory environment that governs the stock market and our knowledge of market practices provide our customers with the agility, responsiveness and caliber they need to successfully complete their capital market transactions.”

Drawing on 20 years’ experience in Transactions in France and the United States, as well as accounting consulting expertise and a deep understanding of international regulations and market practices, Vincent and the rest of the Capital Markets & Deal Accounting team will help companies in France and abroad by:

  • Determining and preparing the financial disclosures required for capital market transactions (IPOs, public offers, public exchange offers, high-yield or hybrid issues, etc.)
  • Resolving complex accounting issues throughout the external growth cycle (due diligence, pro forma information, opening balance sheet, downstream financial integration including the design of reporting packages, harmonization of accounting policies and preparation of the first set of consolidated financial statements)
  • Preparing the accounting and financial reporting documents required for spin-offs
  • Leading accounting framework conversion plans (IFRS, US GAAP, etc.) and programs to adopt new standards (e.g. IFRS 15 and IFRS 16)
  • Analyzing and proposing solutions to complex contract-related accounting issues tied to the implementation of management packages, concession agreements, research and development partnerships, etc.

 “With Vincent de Montgolfier’s arrival, Eight Advisory is continuing to round out the services it offers. Capital Markets & Deal Accounting will address the needs of corporate and private equity customers both upstream and downstream of their transactions, drawing on technical expertise with very high added value. Our goal is to anticipate and meet all the needs of our customers when they embark on such deals”, Éric Demuyt, Managing Director of Eight Advisory.

About Eight Advisory :

Eight Advisory advises company managers, investors and banks within the context of corporate Transactions, Restructuring and Transformation in France and abroad. Its 380 employees, including 41 partners, offer their financial and operational expertise in support of corporate decision-making.

Eight Advisory is a founding member of Eight International, a network composed of a number of independent partners based in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, India and Russia, all working in close collaboration with other partner firms. The Eight International alliance comprises 2,500+ professionals in over 20 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.