We closely partner with our clients and have developed a global customer-oriented philosophy that focuses on the clients’ needs as the main driver of our restructuring services. Here’s what we can offer:

Financial Restructuring

In financial restructuring operations, we support companies, executives and creditors in identifying business sustainability requirements. To do this, we make the data more reliable, and analyse operating and cash flow forecasts. We identify potential areas for restructuring, and the various short and medium term levers.

Turnaround Plan

We provide operational field support for restructuring based on our multidisciplinary expertise and action-driven approach. We assess the operational performance of distressed and underperforming companies, to identify the extent to which their value has deteriorated. We help them rapidly implement a strategic and operational turnaround, from design to on-the-ground execution, throughout the value chain. Beyond cost reduction levers, we consider top line growth and business model shifts that can energize the business, through market entry, product launches, repositioning, the disposal of non-strategic assets, and time and cash savings, which are among the key drivers of our approach.

Scenario Analysis

We assist managers and shareholders in reviewing potential restructuring scenarios, analysing strategic and financial options, and formulating action plan recommendations. For each option, we develop a business case and identify all related impacts, in order to provide substantiated information for decision-making.

CRO Office

We set up a war room with a team covering all functions, from operations to purchasing, legal, HR, finance, etc., and rapidly develop an action plan to recover the financial and operational health of your business through your own teams. We implement tighter, action-oriented governance, with regular meetings to align with functional leadership. Our approach is based on short decision loops, with regular, productive sprints with top executives, to build a financial model that considers the evolution of revenues and costs, and helps you make the right decisions.

Independent Business Review (IBR)

Evolutions of raw materials prices‌,‌ inflation‌,‌ supply chain tensions and interest rates make it a critical subject‌.‌ Optimising cash generation and liquidity is more than ever necessary‌.‌ We help managers address these stakes‌,‌ setting up impactful action plans and anchoring “Cash culture”‌.‌ In average an amount of 7% of companies’ turnovers can be freed up in cash according to our experience along 300 projects‌.‌

Insolvency & Liquidation

We support our clients throughout their collective insolvency proceedings, helping them prepare and manage everything from insolvency notices and operating and cash flow forecasts to business, backup, recovery and disposal plans. We phase out our involvement only when the proceedings have been perfectly orchestrated, preparing all the documentation necessary for its management, and the necessary forecasts for observation periods and exit options.

Labour Restructuring

We act as a key partner in preparing and assisting with the implementation of major reorganisations with significant or complex workforce restructuring. We design and develop our clients’ projects, integrating upstream social and communication constraints, while avoiding classic pitfalls by evaluating the impacts on people, roles, responsibilities, workload, etc., helping you choose between various legal tools and constraints, assessing the associated costs and cash outflows, evaluating the impact on the work environment from a risk perspective. We also support you in the consultation and negotiation process, and assist in the preparation of the necessary legal documentation.

Distressed M&A

In the case of the sale or acquisition of an underperforming asset, we mobilize various techniques of a legal (e.g. asset or share deal), operational (e.g. turnaround Business Plan) or financial (aggregate valuation, financing needs estimation) nature. We work alongside the buyer or the seller to anticipate all diff‌iculties upstream of the transaction‌.‌