December 10, 2023

The global landscape of restructuring and change is evolving at an unprecedented pace, offering both new challenges and boundless opportunities.

In this era of profound change, ranging from political conflicts, healthcare crisises to the digital revolution and environmental changes, adaptability and innovation have taken on unprecedented importance.

To provide investors with valuable insights into the current scenario, we offer a comprehensive overview of the global restructuring landscape and practical advice to help your business successfully navigate the current economic and non-economic global uncertainties. 

Also once again, we asked experts from Eight Advisory and Eight International, our global advisory organisation, for their views on the current challenges and opportunities in their local restructuring markets, the pace of local economic recovery and the outlook for mergers and acquisitions in the coming year.

In considering these perspectives, it is important to recognise that restructuring is not just a reaction to crises, but a proactive strategy aimed at creating a more equitable and sustainable future. Moreover, through restructuring and collective efforts, we can together shape a more resilient and promising future for all.

Our thanks go to the authors and experts who made this report possible:

Simon Longfield, Partner, FRP Advisory

Florent Berckmans, Partner, Eight Advisory

Xavier Bailly, Partner, Eight Advisory

Johannes Steinel, Partner, Eight Advisory

Philippe Fimmers, Partner, Eight Advisory

Boudewijn Wellink, Partner, Eight Advisory

Tomasz Sadurski, Partner, JP Weber

Francesco Moro, Advisor, New Deal Advisors

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