Due diligence

  • Financial due diligence prior to an acquisition
  • Critical review of the available financial information (public information, data room, VDD, etc.)
  • Detailed investigation on site or in close liaison with management
  • Review of price adjustment clauses
  • SPA advice

Vendor due diligence (VDD)

  • Preparation of a vendor due diligence report (VDD) presenting the company’s financial situation
  • Preparation of responses to questions posed by potential investors and their advisors
  • Preparation of specific analyses under the responsibility of management (vendor assistance)
  • Preparation of data rooms and/or data packs
  • Review of price adjustment clauses

Agreed Upon Procedures and Financial Analyses

  • Diagnosis of a company’s financial situation or activity on behalf of a shareholder or management
  • Review of the estimation of potential synergies in the context of a group merger
  • Review or drafting of business plans for an activity, company or group
  • All certifications of a financial nature

Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)

  • Review of a company’s financial position as part of debt refinancing for profitable activities
  • Review of business plans and forecast cash flows
  • Modelling of the impact of refinancing impact on cash flows and bank covenants

Preparation of carve-outs

  • Determination of pro forma accounts according to the scope of the transaction
  • Definition of the various stages allowing the business to stand alone
  • Estimation of costs and investments related to the business standing alone