May 20, 2019

Eight Advisory, leader in transaction services, restructuring and corporate transformation, proudly announces the creation of Eight Advisory Avocats, a law firm focusing on transaction tax advice.

Guillaume Rembry, Partner, will head the newly-started firm which ten highly experienced tax lawyers will staff.

Eight Advisory thus broadens its range of service offerings. The formation of Eight Advisory Avocats furthers one of its agendas: to develop an international network of in-house tax lawyers, building on teams started in the United Kingdom and in Germany. It means to meet the market’s and Eight Advisory’s long-time clients’ expectations for assistance in tax matters, chiefly in acquisition or carve out situations.

Eight Advisory has grown into a major player in the business of transaction services, restructuring and corporate transformation since it was started ten years ago. Eight Advisory Avocats equips Eight Advisory with the skills it takes to offer its clients the broadest range of services and assist them in addressing a wide array of issues they may have to face. », shares Pascal Raidron, President of Eight Advisory.

Eight Advisory Avocats will offer corporations and investment funds its assistance as an independant law firm, working in close association with financial teams the deployment of acquisition or restructuring strategies (due diligence buy-side/sell-side, structuration, modeling, post-deal integration). The firm will build on Eight International’s network and market presence in over 20 countries to address domestic French and transnational tax matters which multinational programs normally entail addressing.

A law school graduate with and International Tak Law DESS Degree, Guillaume Rembry first joined Arthur Andersen in 2002, and then EY Société d’Avocat in 2003, in which he became a partner in 2014. Therein, Guillaume gained great expertise in international transaction-related tax matters assisting French and foreign groups of companies and numerous Investment funds.

First and foremost, Eight Advisory Avocats’s mission is to assist Eight Advisory’s clients in the resolution of tax issues faced in the engineering of acquisitions, carve outs and other such transactions. The firm also harbours the ambition to offer its clients advice on the management of operations-related tax matters, be they of a recurring nature or related to a dispute with the tax authority, namely corporate tax, transfer prices and VAT, whatever Industry they may be active in.», specifies Guillaume Rembry.

Guillaume Rembry relies on a team of four co-workers : Hubert Christophe, Senior Manager ( a graduate of EM Lyon School of Management in 2010, a graduate of Sciences Po in 2012, and then a staffworker of EY Société d’avocats), Kevin Peau, Manager ( a graduate of Assas Law School In 2011 -M2 Droit fiscal- and then a staffworker of EY Société d’avocats), Baptiste Gachet, Experienced Senior ( a graduate of Sciences Po  in 2014, a graduate of Dauphine 2015 -Master 221- and then a staffworker at EY Société d’avocats) and Guillaume Exerjean, Experienced Senior (a graduate of Sciences Po in 2014, a graduate of Assas Law School in 2015 -M2 Tax Law -, then a staffworker at EY Société d’avocats).

Another two experienced professionals staff the team: Sarah Dahan, Experienced Senior (a graduate of Dauphine in 2014 -Master 221- and then a staffworker at PwC Société d’avocats) and Pierre-Emmanuel Floc’h, Experienced Senior (a graduate of Université de Nantes in 2013 -M2 Corporate Law -, Université de Poitiers -DJCE- and then a staffworker at Dechert Paris LLP). Other recruitments are under way.

About Eight Advisory :

Eight Advisory advises company managers, investors and banks within the context of corporate Transactions, Restructuring and Transformation in France and abroad. Its 380 employees, including 42 partners, offer their financial and operational expertise in support of corporate decision-making.

Eight Advisory is a founding member of Eight International, a network composed of a number of independent partners based in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, India and Russia, all working in close collaboration with other partner firms. The Eight International alliance comprises 2,500+ professionals in over 20 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.