WCR diagnosis: Key challenge, 7% of sales

  • Operational review of clients’ drivers – stock – supply chain – suppliers – capex
  • Identification of challenges and operational mobilization
  • Sustainable short-term and medium-term action plan
  • Operational support

The cash target for this type of assignment averages 7% of sales. The operational dimension and change management are key. 60% of the targets can be reached in just one year.

Securing cash flows

  • Immediate cash operation
  • Operational management under cash constraints

Immediate cash operations enable rapid release of cash resources.

Plan to improve the group’s cash flow and WCR

  • Implementation of large-scale sustainable improvement programs
  • Program deployment plan, management and leadership
  • Program management and leadership
  • Indicators and tools to facilitate adherence

Our approach draws upon the experience of high-impact programs.

Optimization of operating funds

  • Introduction of factoring programs, securitization, stock financing and leasing
  • Optimization of existing programs

Operating funds can represent a sustainable source of low-cost financing; their optimization requires a fine-tuned approach.