Transformation Plan

Operational turnaround plan in an underperformance context

Operational diagnosis

  • Analysis of the contribution of the organization’s various business activities (product, client, distribution channels, etc)
  • Identification and analysis of the operational causes of the current underperformance
  • Identification of areas for improvement of operational and financial performance
  • Formalization and discussion of the diagnosis with the entity’s management

Operational turnaround plan

  • Definition of the operational turnaround plan to be implemented in the short and medium term
  • Impact quantification (recurring impacts on EBITDA, one-off cash impacts)
  • Simulation of business case scenarios up to cash-flow
  • Formalization of implementation workstreams (objective, action plan, managers, planning, financial impacts, key performance indicators (KPI), necessary resources, etc.)
  • Final validation by management team

Support for the implementation of operational turnaround plan

  • Mobilizing of the organization for the launch stages of the turnaround plan
  • Implementation of the turnaround plan and participation in its steering committee
  • Implementation of reporting tools to track the plan’s progress and achievement of the desired outcomes