Investigating fraud, corruption and bribery requires expertise and independence. We support organisations and their legal advisors in multiple contexts:

  • Whistleblowing/internal investigations
  • Asset searches
  • Criminal proceedings, also acting as accounting expert
  • Regulatory investigations


Our partner-led team use interviews, document review and complex financial analysis to help companies understand what has happened, establish business losses and support potential future claims. Our team has worked on all sizes of investigations across multiple jurisdictions, combining forensic accounting and technology skills to create pragmatic and reliable analysis.

Forensic investigations often mean dealing with large volumes of unstructured and incomplete data. We organise, analyse and filter data to provide a clear picture of each relationship and transaction. We are independent, but often collaborate with financial regulators, corporate intelligence specialists and global partners to get to the bottom of an issue.

If an investigation leads to criminal proceedings or civil litigation, we often act as expert in those proceedings.