Financial due diligence for BVA Group

Acquisition of DOXA, a market research and opinion poll leader in Italy.
  • Sector:Research & Consulting
  • Field:Transaction services
  • Support:Financial due diligence
  • Date:2019

About BVA

Specializing in behavioral marketing, BVA has been recognized as one of the most innovative market research and consulting firms in its sector. The Group generates revenues of close to €200 million, has 1,000 employees and is present in over 12 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


The acquisition of Doxa, a Milan-based Italy’s first research company generating revenues of €24 million and employing over 140 people, was part of BVA Group’s growth strategy, which has been accelerated in 2018


Eight International team carried out financial due diligence operation as part of the acquisition.


Eric Demuyt
  • Partner
  • Eight Advisory
Florent Garnier
  • Director
  • Eight Advisory
Guido Pelissero
  • Partner
  • New Deal Advisors