October 4, 2022

The economic climate places intense pressure on businesses, with rising interest rates, customers who are becoming increasingly price sensitive and cost pressure as raw material and wage inflation squeeze margins. As businesses look forward to what is likely to be a tough winter, we believe now is the time to implement rapid cost reduction programmes to build headroom into the P&L. But these programmes are emotive and, if poorly implemented, may create more problems than solutions.

To help businesses navigate challenges in this difficult market, our Eight Advisory Strategy & Operations team outline some considerations on how best to navigate these programmes.

In our latest “Rapid Cost Reduction: How to drive efficiency into business operations” whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • how the current macro-economic environment is impacting businesses,
  • what are the key catalysts which could trigger the need for intervention,
  • why Rapid Cost Reduction is a fast and effective method for profit and cash improvement, and 
  • how businesses and leaders can implement a programme effectively.

Finally, we offer some guidelines on how to mitigate value erosion during these programmes.

We hope you enjoy the read, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may help you and your teams navigate these economic challenges.

Enjoy the read: Rapid Cost Reduction