November 3, 2022

Eight International, a global advisory organization specializing in transactions, restructuring and transformation, has launched an international Forensics & Dispute Resolution Network. The move aims to foster close collaboration of Eight International members specializing in forensic and dispute resolution projects to deliver complex cross-border projects.

With more than 3,600 team members, including more than 160 partners across more than 30 jurisdictions, Eight International has a strong reputation and track record for creating, preserving and recovering value across a range of complex situations and industries. Its advisors regularly support board-level corporate clients, law firms, public sector bodies, charities, private equity funds and leading investment banks to help navigate challenges across transactions, restructuring, operational transformation, litigation and asset searches, integrity due diligence and forensic investigations.

Now the organization is expanding by launching an international network, dedicated to forensic and dispute resolution services, to advise its clients to navigate and solve developing challenges and to react efficiently and confidently to a variety of complex issues. The launch of the network formalizes the collaboration between Eight International members that have in recent years been delivering cross jurisdictional projects together for their international clients.

The scope of Forensics & Dispute Resolution Network includes, in particular:

  • Investigations: dedicated to clients who experience potential fraud, misconduct, bribery, corruption and other financial business risk issues;
  • Dispute services: supporting in-house and external legal counsel through every phase of litigation and arbitration (from the initial identification of an issue, negotiation or mediation, the provision of expert reports, to arbitral and court hearings) in different jurisdictions and in a wide range of industries;
  • Compliance and risk advisory: prevention or detection of violations of laws and regulations relating to money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption to mitigate the risk of future issues;
  • Forensic technology: recovery, search and analysis of large and complex data sets including eDiscovery services. Gathering and management of information to uncover essential facts that can be used to address litigation issues, investigations, regulatory and compliance matters. 

Speaking of the new service line, Pascal Raidron, President of Eight International said: “We launched Eight International few years ago because we wanted to meet the growing demand of investment funds and corporates for independent, dedicated financial and operational support in their international operations. Our job often goes beyond transactions, restructuring and transformation. That’s why we decided to launch a separate service line dedicated to a broad variety of complex issues requiring reducing adverse financial, reputational, or operational impacts. We have developed a global customer-oriented philosophy that focuses on the client’s needs as the main driver of our services. Support that we provide, regardless of its kind, is always tailored to our clients’ unique business and goals.”

Our multilingual team of forensic accountants, investigation and litigation experts, quantum and delay experts use their expertise and experience to support clients and legal counsels in the context of complex international issues in every corner of the globe and across various industry sectors and industries. We deploy technology solutions to assist where appropriate which enables us to tackle assignments with high data volumes in a time and cost-effective manner. The network will allow us to create a continuous exchange between our experts and benefit from synergies by reuniting the longstanding expertise of Eight International members and correspondents on forensic and litigation projects in a wide variety of sectors ” – said Céline Leroy, Head of the Forensics & Dispute Resolution Network.”

Forensics & Dispute Resolution Network member organizations include Eight Advisory, FRP Advisory, New Deal Advisors, as well as Stout,  a correspondent of Eight International.