• Fairness opinion and valuation advisory for transactions

    • Fairness opinion in the context of public offers
    • Valuation analysis for merger and acquisitions operations
  • Independent expertise for financial and legal reorganizations

    • Estimation of fair market values for businesses (or assets) contribution or disposal, and estimation of merger exchange ratio
    • Valuation of brands and intangible assets
    • Valuation documentation for relevant tax authorities and/or auditors
    • Coordination of legal, tax, accounting and operational teams
  • Financial modelling

    • Strategic plans and alternative options modelling
    • Flexible and robust financial models building and analysis
  • Management package valuation

    • Deal proceeds modelling and valuation of securities/financial instruments held by management
  • Purchase price allocation and impairment tests

    • Identification of intangible assets separable from goodwill (trademarks, patents, customer relationships, etc.) in application of accounting standards
    • Estimation of the fair value of identified intangible and tangible assets according to accounting standards
    • Residual goodwill to Cash Generating Units
    • Cash Generating Units valuation analysis for goodwill impairment tests

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