April 24, 2023

Enky Consulting, a company specialising in the digitalisation of companies, project management, lean management and bringing innovation to businesses, joins JP Weber, Polish arm of Eight International. The addition of Michał Mądry and his team to JP Weber is in line with the company’s growth philosophy based on entrepreneurship and independent thinking. JP Weber thereby expands its portfolio of services to include the broader transformation of companies, including post transaction PMI (Post Merger Integration) and digital transformation.

Nowadays, business owners and decision-makers have to cope with an increasingly fast pace of technological and market changes. One of the biggest challenges currently faced by entrepreneurs is innovation. They are a key factor in maintaining competitiveness for companies. Developments in technology and the acceleration of digitalisation are already influencing many industries and setting new innovation trends. Transforming organisations digitally and more broadly in terms of organisation and design requires not only new technologies and tools, but also a change in culture and mindset. It is a complex process that requires looking at it from many different perspectives and which should take into account the ‘life stage’ of the company in question.

We are seeing a huge demand from companies for independent transformation advice. Research shows that still more than 70 per cent of major transformations fail, and the risks associated with the process still remain the most important challenge for executives. With the Enky Consulting team on board, from now on we will be able to support decision makers not only in transactions, financial, legal and tax challenges, but also in the transformation process, including in the context of transactions. I am very happy that from now on we will be able to offer our customers a truly comprehensive support, including post-transactional PMI integration – says Grzegorz Piechowiak, Managing Partner of JP Weber.

The merger of Enky Consulting with JP Weber is a significant milestone for the teams of both companies. This strategic move will allow them not only to acquire new customers in the field of comprehensive consulting in the area of transformation, including post-transactional integration, but also to offer new services to the existing customers of both companies, thus strengthening JP Weber’s position as a comprehensive first choice advisor to companies at every stage of their lifecycle, regardless of the type of challenge they face.

After 7 years of operating under the banner of Enky Consulting, I am joining, together with my team, an organisation which has a history of more than 20 years and an established position on the Polish and international market. Ahead of us there are completely new opportunities for growth in the segment of digital and strategic business transformation, building pre- and post-transaction strategies and also for achieving many synergies and benefits for our joint clients from now on. – says Michał Mądry, founder of Enky Consulting and from now on also Partner of JP Weber.

Until the end of June, the Enky Consulting team will continue to serve customers under the existing brand, to become an integral part of the JP Weber team and brand on 1 July.