October 18, 2022

Buy-and-Build Integration strategies are nothing new, though the rate at which they are utilised in M&A value creation is increasing. Investors and Management teams leverage the ability to add value to growth-constrained assets which an individual asset couldn’t achieve on its own.

Buy-and-Build Integration Programmes add complexity to single acquisition integrations, and are not without their risks. The constant change in business processes, systems and culture must be carefully choreographed so to not rock the boat.

However, their repeatability offers an opportunity for teams to replicate and refine a proven methodology playbook in delivery. 

Our Buy-and-Build approach leverages our proven integration methodology to build a tailored M&A Playbook for businesses – enabling our clients to replicate future integrations with limited or no external support.

In our latest whitepaper, “Buy-and-Build Integration: How to deliver a buy-and-build programme which maximises value”, you’ll learn:

  • how the current macro-economic environment is impacting M&A buy-and-build strategies,
  • why buy-and-build integration has become a focus for investors and management teams,
  • what are the key requirements for the platform business on which to build,
  • how a buy-and-build integration programme differs from a “traditional” integration programme,
  • how an M&A Integration Playbook can help teams to deliver integrations quickly in a tailored and coordinated fashion.

Finally, we offer some guidelines on how to mitigate value erosion during these programmes.

We hope you enjoy the read, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may help you and your teams navigate these economic challenges.

Enjoy the read: Buy & Build Integration

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