Pre & Post Deal



  • Identification of tie-up synergies for two players (organization, purchases, industrial or logistics plan, support functions, etc.)
  • Quantification of the challenges and definition of the implementation plan


  • Identification of operational impacts caused by disposal of assets (corporate functions, pooled resources, shared contracts, IT, etc.)
  • Quantification of additional recurring costs related to making the asset stand alone and implementation costs
  • Definition of Transition Service Agreements ensuring continuity of the business during the transition phase

Operational Due Diligence

  • Description of the maturity and operational efficiency of the target
  • Identification and quantification of additional drivers for value creation


Transformation plan

  • Support for management in defining the integration, separation or transformation roadmap
  • Definition of management methods for the transformation program (worksite organization, steering committees, operational and financial objectives, monitoring operating report, etc.)

Implementation of management tools

  • Ensuring reliability of business processes upstream and introduction of monthly closings
  • Streamlining of key financial and operational indicators (KPI) for management of the business
  • Support with the overhaul of management reporting