Operational Restructuring & Turnaround

Assessment of operations

  • Assess contribution of each one of the corporate lines of business (product concept, client portfolio, distribution channel, …)
  • Compare corporate performance and going standards in the industry and « best in class » performance.
  • Identify and analyze what in operations causes the company to underperform.
  • Identify avenues for improvement of operational and financial performance.
  • Deliver costing data for the recovery strategy.
  • Draft full assessment report and share views with the general management of client company.
  • Participate in strategic decision-making on which turnaround options to go for (decision trees).


  • Define operational and financial turnaround plan due for implementation in the short run and in the medium run.
  • Assess positive impact of plan (recurring impact on EBITDA and One-off CASH).
  • Run simulations of business case scenarios and assess corresponding cash-flows.
  • Produce full-fledged implementation charts (targets, action plan, people in charge, timeframe, financial impact, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), earmarked financial means, …)

Assistance in the deployment of operational turnaround plan

  • Active awareness raising and involvement of the entire organization in the phasing in of the turnaround plan (timesaving and success-guaranteeing measures).
  • Create and sit on steering committee of turnaround plan.
  • Define reporting tools and methods to monitor implementation and assess positive impact.