What Makes Us Different

Interaction, proactivity and communications are the key pillars to enhance Eight International´s Global business, providing an international cross board reach.

  • Eight International is a global alliance of independent advisory firms and our global reach approach has as main objective to provide value for our international clients and become their “global trusted business advisor”.

  • Our approach is part of its quest for excellence whereby it ensures that the response provided, in terms of both form and content, is the best, most appropriate, most effective and most accurate, not to mention the fastest.

  • Experienced, committed and partner-lead team solving complex situations, with a total dedication to ensure the success of your transaction or your project.

  • We firmly believe in becoming your “Global Trusted Business Advisor” (GTBA).

  • We are a 360-degree-solution-providing partner, stepping into our clients’ shoes to identify and understand their objectives and needs and taking their challenges as our own with responsibility and innovation.

  • Our objective is to provide the best solution, even if it means going beyond the defined scope of work. We strive to learn every client’s unique challenges by providing personalized attention, thus arriving at relevant and innovative solutions.

  • As a Global Trusted Business Advisor, we bring innovation to services offered in support of transactions via a “tailor made” approach in the context of 3 fundamental pillars:

    • Independence and absence of conflicts of interest
    • Nimble business model quickly adapting and anticipating global market changes and our clients requirements
    • High quality services delivered by an experienced team who brings expertise and specializes in a broad array of industries and products.

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